Commissions are an excellent way to have a one-of-a-kind work of art created just for you! Through the commission process, special moments are turned into exquisite works of art to be cherished for years to come. Whether you have a specific concept in mind or would like to explore the limitless possibilities, at Shaw Gallery we work with you to help give life to your vision.

Custom Commission 

This customer was looking to have a special commission completed that would remind them of one of their favorite pastimes, sailing. The first image is of a very similar boat to theirs but there were a few changes that needed to be made. They did not have a radar system and the wood handles on the center of the boat needed to be changed to metal. In addition, they wanted themselves to be painted with white shirts like they normally wear while out on the water. 


This commission was completed by Oleg Trofimov.

The second images is a digital rendering that was created by the artist based on the clients notes. This is to give a rough visual on how the image would look prior to the artist beginning the process of creating the painting.  

The last image is a photo of the completed original oil painting. 

Custom Commission 


This customer took their grandchildren on a special trip and they wanted to capture a few of these very special moments forever. Custom commissions are a great way to go when you want more than a painting, this is a precious family heirloom that will live on for many, many years.


This commission was completed by Andre Kohn.

Custom Commission 


This is a great example of the large scale custom corporate project. This client wanted to capture the the beauty of their vineyards and put the painting on display in the corporate office. The idea was to paint the landscape and hang it on the office wall that is facing the same direction almost as if it were a window. This painting measures 12 ft wide by 6 ft high. 


This commission was completed by Oleg Trofimov.

For this project, our team flew out to the property with our artist Oleg Trofimof who was hired to complete the painting. This process was incredibly important in order to execute the client's vision of capturing the feeling they experience while visiting the winery. In landscape photography it is common for the photos to look different than it does to the human eye. the mountain range in the distance looked a lot smaller in the photos than it was in person. However, because we experienced this property in person, we were able to increase the scale of the mountains in the final painting to reflect what you see when you visit the property in person.

Custom Commission 


This customer was looking for a large sculpture that would bring a modern flair to their entry. This sculpture and stands 9 feet tall.


This commission was completed by Craig French. 

Final Installation


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