Pietro Piccoli

Pietro Piccoli - Barche Verdi
Pietro Piccoli “Barche Verdi” Oil 24”H x 28”W

Pietro Piccoli was born in 1954 in the small town of Montopolidi Sabina in central Italy. At a very early age, he became fascinated with the arts and, at the age of sixteen, was enrolled by his parents in Latina’s high school for the arts. By the age of twenty, Piccoli was off to Rome, which in the early 70’s was an exciting place for a young artist. It was a hotbed of new ideas and on the cutting edge of the international art scene. Piccoli immediately immersed himself in this new environment, experimenting with new ideas and absorbing the innovative concepts of the many artists whose studios he frequented and to whom he apprenticed himself. Moreover, for a year or so, he traveled in the north of Italy and visited Paris and Zurich.

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