Fernando Ibanez Alcaraz Biography

Alcaraz was born in Alcoy, Alicante, Spain in 1969.  In 1984, he began studying art forms with a master teacher and artist. For over six years Ibanez worked under his mentor, and dedicated five years to the art of drawing.  Guided by his teacher, and supported by critical encouragement from companions and classmates, he attended the
Escuela deArtes y Oficios (School of Arts and Occupations) in Alcoy.

After studying all art forms and techniques, Alcaraz chose to specialize in oil painting, along with his interest in pastels, watercolor and pencil drawing. The work of Alcaraz would qualify itself under the artistic style of realism, although in certain shades it could also be considered an elevated form of hyperrealism.

Collective and individual exhibitions:

In 1985, he received the second place prize of the IV Concurso de Careles de Fiestas de Moros y Cristianos in Ibi, Alicante.

In 1986, he competed in the Concurso de Hogueras Experimentales in Alicante and took the third place above four companions of his class.

In July 1992, he exhibited his work at the Encuentro Mundial for the Fraternidad Hermana, in the Palace for Exhibitions and Congresses of Granada.  Later in October, he exhibited his work in a collective exposition in the Sala deArte EMECE of Alcoy.

In 1994, he participated in a collective exhibition at the Casa de la Cultura of Sollana, Valencia.

In 1996, Alcaraz participated the Sala de Arte EMECE of Alcoy?s Grand Collection of Contemporary Teachers of the Realism.

Today, Alcaraz is recognized for his broad artistic skills, perfected through years of
tireless practice and study. He masterfully produces detailed drawings, paintings of realistic still life and figurative studies of soft, relaxing Spanish beach and town scenes. His application of paint layers and texture, create depth, light, and atmosphere, drawing the spectator into the tranquility of his subjects.