Diana Gessler Biography

A graduate of the Ringling School of Art, Sarasota, Florida, Diana creates dramatic paintings of the islands and tropics using oil on canvas.  She travels frequently and extensively to locations such as the Caribbean, Europe, Central America, and the Amazon for the inspiration to create her exotic tropical paintings.

Her strong brush strokes and intense colors combined with her ability to manipulate sunlight produces paintings of luxuriant color and rigorous contrast.

For nine years (1969 to 1978) Diana was an Art Director and then Director of Advertising and Promotion for the publishing division of CBS, Inc. in New York City.

                                         How I Became An Artist

I am very fortunate to have had three things in my life: artistic genes from my father?s family, supportive parents who had the vision to start my art schooling at an early age, and a husband that shoulders all the domestic duties so that I can have maximum creative time.

It is interesting to me how much my past and soul have helped to create a painting style.  I have always felt a giddy sense of joy around color.  It doesn?t have to be fuchsia...which is wonderful...a simple beige can be equally exciting.  My heightened feeling of color comes from my grandmother and aunt who both adored peach, and the strong design sense is from my training as a graphic designer.  Traveling all my life has given me a sense of wonder and excitement about places and a feeling for their special light and atmosphere.  As an artist, I have the opportunity to capture those lovely places and relive them as I paint.  It is a great life!

My guiding quote is a sign in the studio that reads, "You are here for the joy and delight of your soul", an Amish saying about life on earth...or in one?s studio!


2001    Very California, published by Algonquin Books
2003    Very Charleston, published by Algonquin Books
2005    Very New Orleans, published by Algonquin Books
2009    Very Washington DC, published by Algonquin Books

Shows and Exhibitions:

1997, 1999, 2003:  Shaw Gallery, Naples, FL
2000:  Artist Studio Tour, Naples Philharmonic
2004:  Featured artist, Naples Winter Wine Festival
2009: One woman show & book signing Shaw Gallery Bonita Springs,FL